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BBQ or Barbeque gas bottle refilling service Niddrie

If you despise having to buy a new gas bottle only to give it to one of those gas bottle changeover services then read on! Personally I dislike the fact that you need to purchase a brand new gas bottle only to give it to a changeover service to be swapped, they get the new bottle you bought and you get most likely and old bottle that's already refilled with gas, your new LPG bottle is now the property of those services that are usually found at Petrol Service stations, it's a scam! 

I'd prefer to get my new gas cylinder refilled and given back to me not just changed over. If you're like me in that regard, well you can get your gas bottle refilled at the following place for cheaper as it's your gas cylinder not theirs! They will fill your bottle while you wait they do not just exchange or changeover, I want to make that clear! When you buy a new BBQ Gas Cylinder at Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 the price will include the bottle price plus the gas price to fill it right then and there, bonus!

Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 Niddrie
Store Address:
404 Keilor Road
Niddrie, VIC 3042
P: 03 9379 1001
F: 03 9379 6415
For the latest information on opening hours or if you need more info check out their website below!

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